Sunday, May 16, 2004

I can see clearly now...

Alright. Here's the deal: my last post was a little, uh, for lack of a better word, unfocused.

At best.

See, I originally planned it to be an intriguing insight into how I always jinx myself with jobs by thinking of some awesome sequence of events occuring in the near future that ends with me happily employed at an agency.

So, to sum up what I was trying to say without going into the Fall of Rome or the Collapse of Galaxies or Eddie Murphy's career to get my point across, here it is:

I have an overactive imagination. I know this. Its great when I want to zone out while waiting in line - don't want to think about the smelly guy in front of me? No problem. I just think of some outlandish plot that usually stars me fending off machine gun wielding terrorists from where ever I happen to be. Trust me. Time hardly seems to be running when you are arcing through the air in slow motion taking out four black masked guys with AK-47s with my handy-dandy dual nine millimeters. And it always ends with me hooking up with the hot deli or bank chick.

Seriously...try it sometime. I highly recommend it for the Friday bank lines - there are tons of things to hide behind and the tellers are usually young girls dying to be saved. Unless you happen to be female or Gay, in which case feel free to substitute genders as needed.


While my imagination is great for burning time waiting for the bank or deli line to move or for porn to download, it isn't so great when faced with employment stuff. For example: I am in the waiting period to find out how my "freelance" radio gig has worked out. The agency rep was to speak with the client and hopefully discuss the three different scripts. This is great and I enjoyed the whole thing immensly, my imagination has been playing out scenario after scenario of far-fetched occurances: maybe the client, when read the spots, was so overcome by emotion that they insist on having me and only me write the copy in any of their upcoming ads. Or perhaps the agency rep would like the copy so much that he would have no choice but to hire me than to lose me to a competing agency.

Guess which scenario played out? Yep, thats right: choice '3' - none of the above.


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