Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Squeeky Wheel...

Its been a bad couple of days of unemployment for me. So much so that I am now starting to think that going back to school as a viable option to keep me busy/interested and hopefully get me employed. Then I remember how much work it was and all of those Godforsaken group projects, and then I think unemployment isn't really all that bad, is it?

A necessary part of being unemployed is the never-ending task of errands. Pick up prescriptions, go to the bank, go to the’s the little trips that'll kill you, trust me. But who am I to complain, right? I mean, seriously, I don't work and I am bitching about having to drive around and listen to CD's. But still, it would be much cooler if I could just go straight home and watch movies. I mean…look for jobs.

Not that anyone would care, but a tire or belt or something on our car is making an ungodly squeaking noise. It’s so loud that people will stop mid-sentence, smoke, shoe-tying or whatever else just to see what the hell that awful noise is. And that's when they make eye contact with me. And sneer.

Or laugh.

Usually sneer.

A friend of mine told me he thought it was a tire-balancing problem. Taking it as Gospel, I ran to everyone's favorite WalMart and got them balanced. I was told by the tire-balancing lady (official title, I'm sure) that it would be about a 45 minute wait.

So, not having anything better to do, I decided to waste time in SlaveLabor-Mart. I can't be sure, but it was around the time I was around the denture cream or RV sewage link-up that I had a revelation: no one reads my blog.

I remember thinking that I should update my blog, which naturally led me to realize that no one reads it. I mean, a few people that I have told read it, but that’s it. And I am pretty sure they read it only because they're obliged to. Being one of the Marketing faith, I started wondering how people hear about blogs and concluded that word of mouth is really the only way people can know about this or that person's/org's blog. Not that it is very important that people read my blog; my self esteem isn't directly correlated to the amount of people who read my meandering journal entries, but still, it would be nice to know someone, somewhere, enjoys reading it.

I was just starting to wonder why I should even bother with blogging in the first place when my name was called. I put down the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. combination toothbrush/beer can opener and headed back to the Auto section.

I paid for my stuff, got my keys, and headed for my silver Taurus. I got in the car, fired up the engine, and hoped that once I hit ten mph on my newly balanced wheels that the only thing I would hear were the rednecks in the parking lot as I left it.


The squeak, like the rednecks, is ever present.


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