Friday, April 30, 2004

A very productive day

Well, my blog page is certainly coming along. I now have a little 'comments' link after each day's news, which, I think, is pretty much the coolest thing ever right now. Don't know what the whole 'trackback' thing is all about. Let me just say...HTML sucks. I am very satisfied that I don't have to code anything, now, or ever. Ugghh.

Now I am wondering if I should change my overall template look so it isn't so...bland. Its boring. Very, very boring. I'm thinking of changing to something more calming, like Tuscan corner-coffee-shop or something. You know, faux-finishes and stuff. Its ironic that I am this interested in decorating my blog page - my apartment is pretty much the definition of ugly. But what can you do when you can't paint or wallpaper? Makes the coffee shop feeling a little more difficult to attain when you are limited to white, pebbled walls and icky, brown carpet.

Icky is definately a word that should be used more often.


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