Thursday, April 29, 2004

No title really...

Hmm...job selection is thin today. I can't seem to find the ad that reads:

"Junior Copywriter needed at Weiden + Kennedy. Must possess passion to create wonderful ads and meaningful brands. Applicant should be 6 foot 2 and love basketball and/or golf. First name Andy a major plus. Poorly-designed book required."

I must be looking in the wrong section...


I don't know where I read it, it might have been online somewhere, but there was a story about this teenage girl who just published a novel. She lives in Paris with her parents and wrote a little here and there and then as luck would have it, one of her stories just happened to fall into the hands of a publisher. Now its a best seller in Europe and she goes on press tours and everything. But only on weekends and school holidays.

Let me just say that I immediately despised this girl. I admit it. I am seriously jealous. Not only does this girl get published, but she's a freakin' teenager for God's sakes! This kills me. I have no shame, I want this to happen to me. I do. And hey, I don't have to worry about school or anything! I can go on press tours when and where ever I am needed!

I am sure she is very sweet and intelligent and obviously a hell of a writer, but let me just say that she now belongs on Andy's Archenemy List right behind Onions and Bill Lambeer.

But I guess the major caveat in this whole thing is that I would have to actually end one of my stories, so obviously the discussion is moot.

But still...


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