Thursday, April 29, 2004

Definately NOT a Wheel Watcher

Wheel of Fortune is on so I am doing anything to stay away from the TV right at this moment, which, naturally led me to browse some different blogs out there.

And a couple things have come to my attention.

1. My blog - like my book - is poorly designed.

2. It's also not nearly as important as others in the blog universe.

I don't get it...I see other people's/group's blogs and they have links all up and down the sides...there are even links in the flippin' text. I assume this has something to do with FTPing files...but that seems much more complicated that my "Publish Post" button. Well, I guess you get what you pay for - which is nothing in my case. And, for the most part, all of these spiffy looking blogs seem to have something really important to say.

For instance, I just checked out a whole expose/essay blog on the evils and merits of everyone's favorite Supercenter - WalMart! Unbelievable stuff. And not just simple opionated stuff like "I hate WalMart cause they put my buddy Walt's Tire Rotatin' service outta binnes cause they offer it f'free." No. This is serious Hardball/Larry King Live debate stuff. Very impressive.

And then there's mine. "'I'm unemployed...blah blah blah.'" Let me just say that I am now very depressed that my blog sucks.

At least it isn't in Norwegian. Mine has to be better than those.



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