Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Day 2 of the new job search. "New" only because I thought I had the last job that I interviewed for, so the search parameters have been reset. Its only fair to my self esteem. Otherwise I would be looking at Day 370 and, well, that just sucks...doesn't it?

So my wife read my first blog and she immediately pointed out a couple of errors. One: we have only been married for a half a year (I incorrectly stated that we had been married for two and a half years).

And 2: My project list doesn't have anywhere near 37 or 38 projects. She estimates it is really around 4 or 5 since most of the projects haven't even been started yet, so they don't count.

I dispute this.

See, being unemployed with a fantastic time frame on my hands, I decide to 'start' certain projects i.e. bookshelves and DVD storage shelves. She seems to think that just because I don't have tools or you know, wood, that this doesn't actually count as an unfinished project.

But if only it were that simple.

When one has unlimited amounts of time to waste, one doesn't need to make haste and finish things as fast as possible. For example, when I transfer the wet clothes from the washing machine to the dryer and don't have a follow-up load, I am quite alright with wearing the clothes straight from the dryer. Why waste with the hassle of the hanging and folding when you don't need to? There is a problem, however, when it comes to wash more clothes in that I have to remove the leftover clothes in the dryer to make room for the new batch of wet clothes.

Other people with a limited time frame and unwrinkled clothes don't have this luxury.

So, when I say that I have this Bookshelve project that I need to finish, I am still in the initial planning phases. Just because I don't have the material first doesn't mean I haven't started it in my head. To point, do contracters just start building a frame without blueprints?

I think we all know who's right here...

Also: I am a firm believer in jinx karma. How else can you explain the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Mariners and the Portland Trail Blazers inevitable mid season collapses? Well, okay, so the Mariners and Blazers have pretty much sucked right from the start of their seasons, but still. But that isn't really as important as knowing why these teams falter. Sure you could say its the lack of hitting or team chemistry or defense, but in the end, it comes down to one thing: pre-season predictions.

The Saints, Blazers, and Mariners all were picked in their preseason to do really well. They didn't/aren't. They were jinxed. Someone said they would have a great season and just like that they have been relegated to the Bill Buckner Hall of Fame. To prove this theory, I bring up the recent Phone Call. Yes. The Phone Call. This phone call came and informed me that I did not land a job that I desperately wanted. And why? Why did I not land this job that I got so close to? I didn't screw up any of the interviews, I did my best, worked my charm, showed my stuff. But the other guy got it. Why?

I'll tell you.

Three days before the Phone Call I met with the owner of a drive/walk-up coffee shop that just opened up the street. Being interested in marketing and business in general, I offered to help throw around some promotion ideas and whatnot. He was very nice and took my name and number and said once things settle down he would give me a call. I was just about to walk back home when he asked it:

"What do you do?"

Guess what I replied. Just guess. Yep. For some reason, my mouth started moving and my voice came out saying:

"Oh! I just landed a job at a local agency as an Account Coordinator!"

Case closed.


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