Monday, May 17, 2004


I asked my wife last night to read my latest posts to this blog, thinking that she would find the humor in how crappy the 'Fall of Rome' one was when compared to 'I can see clearly now.'

I mean, come on. 'Rome' was terrible; it was an unfocused ramble of material that never really came around to the point. I know this. So I think I fix it with last night's post. It was straight forward and got straight to the point while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of my imagination. And on top of it all, making fun of Eddie Murphy's career.

I thought it was funny.

She did not.

She insisted that they were depressing. I immediately became upset and started to wonder how my last posts missed the point so drastically that they were saddening. Not something that I pride myself on.

But here's what I found out after a few hours of blog searching:

My wife is to close to the issue to be able to laugh about it. That has to be it. See, she is on the front-lines of my unemployment stuff; she sees the interviews and the rejection letters the same time as I do and has been there for it all. And all the time supporting my broke-ass with hazelnut lattes and coffee. I don't think I would be in the mood to laugh about it if I were in her place either.

See? Isn't it funny to see how your position in life has a direct correlation with your views on society and life itself. My wife, being so close to my non-income earning lifestyle, can't exactly see the humor in a poorly laid out blog post. Just as some old republican man would probably not be able to find the humor in 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

Okay, maybe not just like that, but its a killer segue into the republican dude, isn't it?

Anyhow, two weeks ago, I am at the gym. I go to my treadmill directly in front of the 'ESPN' big screen, which happens to be right next to the 'NBC' big screen. This particular day I am jogging on my treadmill right next to two old guys who are walking and talking to one another. About midway through my run, the 'Ellen' show comes on alongside 'Sportscenter' and the old guys immediately jump into this exchange:

Republican WASP #1: "Look at that! Can you believe that? I don't get it; she's always dancin' around like that."
Republican WASP #2: "Hmmm...I never really watch the show."
Republican WASP #1: "Well, I just don't understand it. I don't think its very funny at all."
Republican WASP #2: "'re right; she's dancing again."
Republican WASP #1: "Look at her with that wedding ring on, flaunting it. You know she's a lesbian? I don't believe it - it just ain't right."

At this point, the women in the gym - a considerable number - are starting to arm themselves with headbands and 5 pound Swiss balls in preparation to defend Ellen's honor.

It just goes to show you that humor is in the eye of the beholder. I mean, can you imagine? An old, white, republican man doesn't understand 'The Ellen Show' humor?

I don't believe it - it just ain't right.


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