Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Define "back" again, please?

Okay. So not really "back" in the sense of "back every couple days or so with a riveting new post." It's more like, "I'm back every couple of months or so to remind you that I'm not dead." It's really a trite difference if you ask me.


I feel like this is a first date. Had a good intro, go her hooked, and now my mind can't get reception. It's just garbled audio, lots of snow and the occasional nipple (or was that an elbow?) if the TV happened upon one of those PPV channels. From what I've heard, anyway.

Hmmm. Oh, hey, good movie recommendation:

Little Miss Sunshine

Freaking awesome. Extremely well written and very, very funny. The cast is as memorable as the script and it's well worth the $7,535 ticket price. It even warrants a $300 tub of popcorn. It's that good.

Not so good movie recommendation:

Lucky Number Slevin

Here's the thing about this movie: it has a very interesting premise. That and Bruce Willis is a bad guy. The combination of which had me intrigued and into the film all the way until the crappy ending. Kind of like the Red Sox this year. They started out strong, we're kicking major ass, fun to watch. Then the Yanks swept them. And from then on out, it was loss after dissappointing loss, and most people are just pretending the whole thing never happened.

Kind of like Tom Cruise's career.

Speaking of careers...still haven't found a new job. I have one prospect, but it's one of those, "We'll hang on to your book, shop it around to everyone in the entire agency, and let you know eight weeks later that it ain't happening" kind of things. Of course, they could shop it around and love it. But the chances of that are quite slim, as my book quite sucks.

Speaking of books, I still haven't written one. I've written about 200 starts to it. But can't seem to get past that. Partly because I don't know what it's about, really. Fucking details.