Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Just a little email...

Please, for the love of all that's good in the world, refill the coffee pot
after you've emptied it.

And yes, I'm aware of that some of you have mastered the ancient Peruvian
art of detecting when a pot is about to expire, thusly cutting off the flow
of coffee and your responsibility to refill the pot.

It also means that, as you happily walk away with your partially filled cup
of coffee, you've left the pot empty for someone else to fill.

Some of you may respond: "Well, I didn't actually EMPTY it, you see.
Technically, there was a little liquid sloshing around in the bottom, there,
so I'm off the hook."

This isn't a good excuse.
It doesn't work.
It's a loophole.
Don't abuse it anymore.

Or, perhaps you're one of the 17 new people we have here, and are simply
unsure of how to fill the coffee pots. Well, here you go:

1. Empty the coffee pot grounds into the little wastebasket marked, "Coffee
Grounds for Bob Fredrickson's Garden." Apparently, his herb garden needs to
be caffeinated like the rest of us.

2. Grab a filter. Put it in the filter holder thing.

3. Add two scoops of the corresponding coffee into the filter.

4. Slide the filter holder thing into the coffee maker.

5. Make sure the lid to the coffee pot is open, and push the "Brew" switch.

That's it.

Now go forth and stop screwing others out of their right to drink lukewarm

Remember: "If you kill it, refill it."


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