Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I happen to work at an agency that's so dedicated to serving their clients that they are willing to fold like the French in any major conflict.

Case in point:

The client is worried that the creative isn't targeting C++ users specifically enough. The project is to create an interactive campaign that targets coders (C++, FORTRAN, JAVA, Linux...basically all of them) in general, and pique their interest to learn more about a whole litany of software products that the client produces.

The reason the creative isn't tied specifically to the audience is because that wasn't what was originally requested; if we need to target C++ coders, there's a new solution that needs to happen that will resonate better among that audience. Sure, a simple copy edit can "target" that audience a bit more specifically, but it's not the right solution. It's a band-aid over a severed artery. There's a bigger issue here. If the creative isn't speaking to the audience you had in mind (yet didn't tell us to focus on them in the first place), simply shoe-horning a "label" on the creative isn't the solution. It won't resonate. It will most likely feel forced and (very savvy) site visitors will call bullshit on it.

To wit:

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So what do we say when we present this rationale?

"No problem. We'll get right on it."

I know clients are illogical and at times unreasonable. But shouldn't we, as an agency, at least try to help them before they hurt themselves?


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