Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cool stuff of late

It's been slow at work, so in between mountain bike forum perusing (if you haven't been to, and you love to ride singletrack, I implore you to check it out), I've also been checking out what the rest of the ad world has been up to.

This practice, by the way, used to be mandatory for me. Every morning, I'd get to work, and check out various ad blogs to see some of the latest work. Unfortunately, this desire of all but shrivled up and died inside of me.

I think it was after the third straight brochure followed up by a product tech manual that might have done this.

However, for some reason I've been feeling a bit better about things. Not sure why, but I'm not questioning it. Which has also reignited my creative side; I can't get enough of some great work that I've been seeing.

Here's one that I think is phenomenal (came from Steve and Angela over at AdRants):

Then there's two new Axe campaigns that are very cool:
Let The Game Continue
and AxeVise.

This, supposedly, is a PSA. Real or fake, I think it's brilliant in the way it's communicating to its audience (thanks again to AdRants):

Read a Book

Posted Jul 12, 2007

And then there's this:

That's just freaking cool.


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