Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Now I know my ABCs...

So I'm going to rip off ol' Collin and do this ABC recent web site thingie that he did a few posts back. Sound confusing? Oh, belive me, it is. In fact, you may not want to try this yourself. After all, I did get a 'B' and a 'B+' in Stats. Trust me. It's complicated.

So what you do is this. Up in your browser's address bar, you type in a letter. The first thing that pops up, your list it. You can almost hear the crowd gasping in amazement as I prepare to type the letter 'a' in my Firefox browser. Here goes...

A is for: http://adverbloggin.blogspot.com. Home sweet home.
B is for: www.bungie.net. My home away from home. This tracks my Halo 2 stats and stuff. Lord, I'm such a geek...
C is for: www.cnet.com. All electronic stuff, all the time.
D is for: www.dictionary.com. Not that you'd know I visit this site all the friggin' time at work by looking at my blog posts...
E is for: www.edmunds.com. A comprehensive automotive site that has a helpful little thing called 'TMV' - very cool. Again...I'm a geek.
F is for: http://fizzleandpop.blogspot.com. Collin's blog site.
G is for: www.gmail.com. I know Google's been getting some press about their email service, but I'm loving it so far. If you want an invite, send me one. I've got 48 left to waste.
H is for: www.hp.com. I work on HP about 1/2 of my total time at work, so I'm always visiting it for one reason or another.
I is for: www.intel.com. I work on Intel here and there. Again...research.
J is for: www.jeld-wen.com. Our parent company. They make windows and doors. Yep, you heard right. Our ad agency is owned by our client. I should probably just leave it at that.
K is for: http://www.kiddyhouse.com/Farm/ducks1.html. I was searching for Duck facts for a billboard campaign...this was one of the sites I apparently hit.
L is for: www.logitech.com. I recently ordered a new wireless keyboard and mouse at work. We get a deal (or something) from Logitech. Hence the site's priority in my recent hit list.
M is for: www.msnbc.com. I check it every morning. Well, msnbc and cnn.com, but cnn makes you pay to watch video, which I think sucks, so I don't frequent them as much.
N is for: www.nba.com. I don't watch that much basketball anymore. Our local team (the Blazers) have just about driven me insane over the last couple of years, mainly by bonehead management, that I just don't have the patience for them anymore. But somehow, nba.com made it to the hit list. Go figure.
O is for: www.oregongarden.org. A 400-acre garden an hour south of Portland that I am taking my mom to for a belated Mother's Day presant.
P is for: www.photobucket.com. A free online photo hosting service soundy kicks the evil, bile-spitting "Picasa" and "Hello" photo software that "comes" with Blogger.
Q is for: http://www.qsl.net/fudd/fudd.gif. An Art Director at work is hunting wabbits in his yard with live traps (he hates killing things). Apparently, the Romanian neighbor next door forgot to neuter her male and female rabbits, and the neighborhood is being overran by rabbits. I found this image appealing for several reasons. 1: It's Elmer Friggin' Fudd and 2: The Art Director kind of looks like him.
R is for: http://reviews.teamxbox.com/xbox/940/Forza-Motorsport/p1/. A review of the Gran Turismo 4 ass kicking game Forza Motorsport.
S is for: http://sonofcheese.blogspot.com. Derek's (the Sideways Hater) blog site.
T is for: www.teamxbox.com. I found this funny, because I visit Gamespot WAY more often than this site. But apparently, I visit gmail just a little more often.
U is for: http://www.uglykids.info/. This is (I think) a viral site for an orthadontist. I think it's hillarious. Unless it's been pulled or changed or is, real.
V is for: nothing, I guess.
W is for: www. That's it. I didn't have anything that went "www.wsomethingorother", so I just got my normal "www.asomethingorother." Not much fun to be had there.
X is for: www.xbox.com. Surprise, surprise, right?
Y is for: the same thing V and W (no, not VW) are for: nothing.
Z is for: see above.

So...there you go. A glimpse into the Internet worlds I visit each and everday.


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