Tuesday, October 26, 2004

hey, is that a pig? and is it flying?

well, my friends…hell has officially frozen over. it turns out that i have had at least one reader (outside of my wife and mom) come to my blog.

now, i’m not entirely sure how this happened, really. probably a mistake, but – here’s the thing – the person, “collin,” actually commented on my little “comments” link that i have been dealing with for the past three months.

this is absolutely huge…i now have a (hopefully) unrelated reader. seriously, i feel like a schoolgirl with a crush, i’m so giddy.

god, i’m lame.

anyhow, since this reader has taken the time to comment twice on my blog, i figure i could at least link to him and hopefully get me out of his “dead” blog list. so, here goes:


a word of warning: my html experience is limited to line breaks and bolding letters. seriously. that’s it. so if this link doesn’t zap you to his site, do me the favor and spend the extra second copy and pasting it into the address bar.

obviously he’s a good guy…he’s reading my stuff! and he’s being nice about it!
now, if you’ll excuse me, i need to go write “collin + andy” all over my notebook…


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