Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Game on

almost forgot! grand theft auto: san andreas hits stores today!!! this is a monumental day for anyone who enjoys the “services” of various women of the night, and then running over them with a car and retrieving one’s cash.

okay, so there’s a little more to it than that, really. like getting cops to chase you around long enough for them to get pissed off and calling the army in on you. but that’s after they use their fbi resources.

oh, and then there’s the fact that every gta game to date has had incredible soundtracks, not only tied-in with radio stations, but also with the different cars available for hi-jacking (getting into a truck means there’s a fairly high probability of country music, while low-riders generally mean you’ll be hearing some type of urban hiphop.)

anyhow, i’m not really doing it justice. this game is going to kick ass and i will leave it at that.

now, on to other video game stuff. first off: halo 2. the killer-app for xbox is probably going to be a killer app for xbox live. it is slated for release november 7th and will more than likely set landmark records. i know, i know…i sound like an idiot. actually, more like an immature kid, i suppose. which is funny, because my wife and i got into an argument last night.

she claims that i’m much too old to be playing video games; i counter that i am in the target audience and am doing my demographic duty. plus, video games kick ass. i wish i could play them more, but then i’d probably gain a lot more weight and begin emitting strange odors.

oh well, i can always dream. anyhow, back to halo2.

i have purchased xbox live solely for this game; it is going to be that good (the multiplayer, i mean). how can it not be? even with the split screen multiplayer, halo was up there with half life and counter strike in terms of entertainment and playability. plus, the single-player version will more than warrant the purchase of this game.

some other games that will be coming out shortly that i am looking forward to: metal gear solid: snake eater, half life 2, and gran turismo 4.

hmm…i think i hear divorce papers ruffling somewhere…


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