Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday, bloody Sunday

It's Sunday. 9:30 pm. I should be working. I should be sitting on the couch with a pen and a sketchbook, thinking up headlines for banners and concepts for videos. But I can't. My stomach is in a knot. For the third straight weekend, I have to work. This is combined with working 9 straight days without a lunch break and working late on most of them.

The mere thought of doing anything work related churns up the bile in my insides. Is this normal? Should you be this agitated with the simple thought of having to work? I used to not mind; a year ago, I had no qualms about working on the weekends and nights. But then again, I thought I was working towards something better. A year and a half later, nothing has changed. I'm still writing email blasts and thinking of event themes.



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